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  • May - November



  • Servers: from $18.00 (commensurate with experience; the club plans to be quite competitive for the selected candidates)

  • Bartenders: from $18.00 (commensurate with experience; the club plans to be quite competitive for the selected candidates)

  • Front Desk / Reservations: from $18.00

  • Housekeeping: from $18.00

  • Culinary: from $20.00 (commensurate with experience)

  • Golf operations (carts, bags, range, golf shop): from $15.00 + tip (commensurate with experience)

    • Note: those working in golf may make an additional $800 or more per week in caddy fees​ ($110 per round)

    • Those working in golf may also make tips



  • Working hours per week: full-time schedule, at least 35 hours per week; hours will vary depending on business volume and department

    • The projected (but not guaranteed) number of hours for servers and cooks is 55 per week​



  • Shared housing is provided on club premises

  • Distance from the club – approx. 1.5 mile

  • Transportation – provided at NO COST

  • 2 people per room but some housing may be single occupancy

  • Housing is co-ed but rooms are gender-specific​​

  • Note on single housing: having a single room is not an option for everyone, as it ultimately depends on seniority, gender breakdown of workers, room, and room layout.   However, the club provides the opportunity for individuals to request a single room by following these steps:

  • the club gives preference to individuals who have committed to the club in consecutive years.  


  • the club works its way down the list of its long-term returners and allocates single rooms accordingly to those who request them. 

  • there is never a simple distribution and an element of luck may also play a role in whether an individual gets his/her own private room.  


HOUSING COST (per week)

  • Housing Cost: $70.00

  • Housing deposit: $250.00 (of which $50.00 is nonrefundable)

  • Housing will be inspected upon departure. The condition must be deemed satisfactory in order for the employee to be refunded $200 of the remaining security deposit. In the event damage or unsatisfactory conditions are present, costs will be assessed on a per-employee basis.



  • Meals available: 1 meal / shift

  • Cost of meals: NONE



  • Males – yes

  • Females – yes

  • Couples – yes



  • Greenville Spartanburg Intl. Airport (GSP) 

  • Asheville Regional Airport (AVL)

  • Airport pick-up provided from Asheville Airport only

  • All car rentals should be extended 1-2 days until transportation to return the car can be arranged; all rentals should be returned to either Brevard or Asheville Airport if club transportation is provided



  • Drug Testing – Random post-hire testing

  • Background Check - NO


  • Personal vehicle – not necessary, but a plus to have 


In 1986, Wade Hampton Golf Club was founded to provide one of the best golf courses and most memorable golf experiences in the world.


Since its inception, Wade Hampton has garnered top rankings from Golf Digest and Golf World. Currently, it ranks 25th in Golf Digest’s one hundred top golf courses in the country and 1st in the U.S. by Golfweek in residential golf courses.


Wade Hampton Members become fast friends and before long, kindred spirits with lifelong ties. An unparalleled golf experience, matched only by an indescribably authentic social camaraderie will forever be the hallmark of the Wade Hampton Experience.

Wade Hampton GC is, according to Golf Digest (July 2019), in the top 15 most beautiful golf courses in the US.

Beyond an impeccably maintained golf course, beyond a staff eager to welcome and serve, Wade Hampton Members relish the rustic elegance and relaxed atmosphere the club provides.   Living at Wade Hampton means blending in with your surroundings and celebrating nature in a setting so beautiful, it can only be found in the mountains of Western North Carolina.  “Wade Hampton is the total package – great golf, great club, great real estate, great environment, and great people.”- Tom Fazio

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