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The H-3 visa is useful to those who have been invited to receive training in the US in fields including (but not limited to) Agriculture, Commerce, Communications, Finance, Government and Transportation. Physicians are not eligible, but medical students and nurses may use it in certain circumstances


The training must not be available in the beneficiary's home country. There are no limits on the number of H-3 visas that can be granted each year, and the length of the visa should not exceed 2 years.


Some highlights of the H-3 visa include:


  • The employer must demonstrate that the trainee will not be engaged in productive employment unless necessary as a part of the training. 

  • Extensions of one year at a time may be allowed, but only if the person has not yet finished the original training, and only within the overall two-year maximum.

  • Visas are available for an accompanying spouse and minor children (unmarried and under age 21).

  • Spouses and children may not accept employment in the United States.

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