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The H-1B visa category allows for the employment of foreign nationals in specialty occupations that involve theoretical and practical application of highly specialized knowledge and which require a bachelor's degree or its equivalent in work experience.


The core Specialty Occupations include: IT, Computing, Finance, Accounting, Banking, Marketing, Advertising, PR, Sales, Recruiting, Engineering (all types), Teaching, Health Care / Medical, Legal, Lawyers, Networking, Telecoms, Business, Management and Hospitality.


A college degree alone does not qualify a foreign national as a specialty worker; the job must require a degree related to the foreign national's particular field of study or profession and the college degree must be a normal requirement for comparable jobs in the industry and with the prospective employer. 


An H-1B visa is typically valid for up to six (6) years and allows for the spouse / family of the beneficiary to live in the US.


For more details on this visa, click here or here.



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