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  • May - October




  • Servers: $21.00 - $23.00

  • Bartenders: $21.00 - $23.00

  • Server Assistants: $21.00 - $23.00

  • Culinary: $21.00 - $23.00

  • Stewards: $21.00 - $23.00

  • Housekeepers: $21.00 - $23.00

  • Golf Course Maintenance: $21.00 - $23.00

  • Rec. Attendant (Golf): $21.00 - $23.00

  • Rec. Attendant (Tennis): $21.00 - $23.00

  • Rec. Attendant (Pool): $21.00 - $23.00




  • Working hours per week: full-time schedule, at least 35 hours per week; hours will vary based on business volume in each department




Rolling Rock Club and its management team have put a great emphasis on quality accommodations for our employees. Providing a safe and spacious place to call home while you are here is important to us. We have received positive feedback from our past employees and understand the importance of your living conditions.


We are proud of the conditions in the living quarters that have resulted in a success rate with employees returning for multiple seasons. We think you will agree. 

  • Single-room housing is provided off club premises approximately 5 miles from the club

  • 1 person per room

  • Type of Housing – house

  • Housing is co-ed


HOUSING COST (per week)


  • Housing Cost: free

  • Housing deposit: $500.00 (refundable if the home is left as received, clean, and free of any damage other than normal wear and tear)

  • The deposit shall be charged in 10 equal installments ($50 each)




  • Meals available: 2 meals / day

  • Cost of meals: NONE




  • Males – yes

  • Females – yes

  • Couples – yes




  • Latrobe Airport / Arnold Palmer Regional Airport (LBE) (15 miles)

  • Latrobe Airport is a public airport in the eastern USA, located in Westmoreland County, PA, two miles southwest of Latrobe and about 33 miles southeast of Pittsburgh. 

  • It is primarily serviced by Spirit Airlines with good connections from Florida

  • Airport pick-up provided

  • If airport pick-up is not provided, the club will reimburse for the cost of a taxi / Uber from the airport if a receipt is submitted




  • Drug Testing – Random post-hire testing

  • Background Check - NO



  • Rolling Rock Club in Ligonier, Pennsylvania remains the absolute embodiment of class and elegance as when Richard Beatty Mellon founded it in 1917. 

  • Founded in 1917, this premier private club is located in historic Ligonier, Pennsylvania approximately 50 minutes from downtown Pittsburgh. The Club is gracefully nestled between the Chestnut Ridge and Laurel Mountain Valley ranges at the far west end of the Appalachian Mountains. The Club is situated on over 600 acres of land. Organized as an English gentlemen’s sports club, land conservatory and wildlife sanctuary the surrounding landscape is truly one of the most beautiful and serene parcels in the Eastern region of the United States.

  • Rolling Rock Club was originally 12,000 acres (4,900 ha) of land owned by Judge Thomas Mellon, who left it to his son Richard Beatty Mellon, brother of Andrew Mellon and onetime president of Mellon Bank. Richard Beatty Mellon turned Rolling Rock into a rural retreat for his friends and family to hunt, fish, and ride. From this, it steadily developed into an establishment that, in addition to the usual country club necessities – golf, swimming, and tennis – also boasted stocked trout streams, duck ponds, game birds and shooting ranges. The Club’s facilities and operating standards are synonymous with Quality.

  • Facilities: The impressive Clubhouse features traditionally appointed formal dining rooms, lounges, and terraces. Fashioned as a grand English country manor, the 90,000 square feet clubhouse has twenty-nine (29) guest rooms and two (2) guesthouse cottages. Fresh floral arrangements are abundant and fashioned by in-house florists adding to the Club’s overall warmth. Supported by an impressive membership of 2,500 with an average age of 63. Approximately 40% of the membership resides within the Pittsburgh/Ligonier community and use the Club steadily the month of May through the month of November. Membership is supportive of its first-class facilities; services, tenured-staff, and qualified management team. The Club’s overall ambiance, personalized services, and commitment to excellence are equal to other fine traditional destination properties.

  • Rolling Rock Club offers a rare step back in time. The Club continues to offer every element of the experience at the highest level of quality and service. The standards set at Rolling Rock Club are unmatched in our complex world and we can be thankful that such escapes continue to thrive.

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