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The purpose of this text is to help you better prepare for the upcoming Skype interviews.


Interviews are spaced 20 minutes apart; 15 minutes for the interview itself and 5 minutes for note-taking or breaks, or in case an interview runs long. 


The candidates will use specialized software to schedule their Skype interview with you during the dates/times you indicated availability. 


The software will be linked to your email address. Whenever a candidate makes a booking, you will receive an email notification alerting you to the fact.  Similarly, if a candidate reschedules or cancels the appointment, notifications will come to your email as well.  


Each appointment will show in a google calendar which we will share with you (if you use google / Gmail).  You can use the google calendar on its own, or you can import it to your outlook (if you use outlook for your emails).

The email you will receive when a candidate makes an appointment contains the candidate’s email address, his/her skype ID as well as his/her phone number.  If you use the google calendar, by clicking on each name you will see a pop-up window which will have the contact info for the candidate. 

Before the Skype interview, we provide the candidates with your skype ID and ask them to send you a contact request (wave).  This will help you find them on Skype quicker.  

To find each candidate on Skype, simply copy his/her Skype ID and paste into your skype search bar.  

If the internet connection is weak (this is more prevalent with candidates in South Africa), try conducting the interview with the video off.  This is akin to a phone call (audio only) but it may improve communication as video takes a lot of bandwidth.  If the quality of the audio is not acceptable, simply ask the candidate to reschedule for a different date/time by using the same link that was used to schedule the initial interview with you.  

The profiles for each candidate who makes an interview booking will be placed in a Dropbox folder which we will share with you.  A link to the document will be provided to you in due course.  Our office will update the folder at least once a day.


20 minutes may seem like a long time, but they go by very quickly.  Use the time to your advantage by asking the candidates about themselves.  

The information in the profile is intended to give you a glimpse into who the candidate is; use it to your advantage. 

DO NOT spend a lot of time explaining how your operation works, how many golf courses or restaurants you have, etc. etc.  This information can be provided by us, if it hasn't yet been provided.  

Instead, make the candidates work for the job; ask them about their experience and about who they are and why you should hire them. 

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