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Please read this carefully!

The placement process is complex, but once it begins we will not stop until all positions have been filled out.  Please read carefully below:


FIRST - data compilation


All employers will present their selection/offers as Main selection and Alternate selection, which will be compiled accordingly.


SECOND – distribution of offers


Once the selection information has been compiled, we will share it with you. This is how:


The 1st wave of notifications - will go to returners and candidates with multiple job offers. Each candidate has 24 hrs to decide on the offer(s) received.


The 2nd wave of notifications – will go to those on the alternate list for the position(s) left open by a candidate with multiple offers. Again, each candidate has 24 hrs to decide on the offer(s) received.


The placement process requires multiple waves. Not everyone will receive their offer during wave 1 (day 1) but everyone should be sorted by the time we finish the process. This is why, out of respect for those on alternate lists, we cannot allow more than 24 hours for a decision to be made.


As each wave is complete, we compile the results and then send other waves of emails until we get everyone sorted. 




  • Placement resulting from Mr. Petrina’s personal recommendation is not unusual (especially in the case of candidates who joined our program late and did not have the opportunity to interview a lot or at all).


  • The most important thing to do during this process is to remain patient and give us the time to do our job. The goal is not the speed with which you get a job, but that you get a good job.


  • It is also very important to keep us informed of any changes to your status (not extending, not wanting to return to your former employer, going off program).

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