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The Club at Ibis is the 3rd largest club in Florida.  Less than 3 years ago they completed a 37 million dollar renovation to the clubhouse and adjacent facilities and will soon be spending about 30 more million dollars in the next years on golf course renovation and a few additions to their facilities. 

The club is on an aggressive path toward continued excellence.  They have invested a lot in their facilities but they are also investing a lot in people.  They are all about quality.  They work hard to find quality people and harder to keep them happy and performing well.

If the club has a quality above most, it is the attention that they pay to their staff.  Despite the size of the club, the General Manager knows all the international staff and so does the top management team.  They make efforts to ensure that each employee has an exceptional experience at the club.  Year after year, the majority of the H2B workers who have worked at the club want to go back because of how they were treated.

But the personal touch is only one aspect of the club’s attention to detail and focus on performance.  They have a very generous compensation package which is structured to reward the top performers.  Please read below.  Those who perform the best may be the recipients of pay increases and/or bonuses. 




You will be eligible for the following increases in your salary.

Hourly Wage Increases – Ibis offers top performers an hourly wage increase around mid-season.  This increase is based on performance, attendance, attitude, member satisfaction scores, and successful completion training objectives.


Bonuses – you will be eligible for performance bonuses (paid at the end of the season to top performers).  The bonus is based on performance, attendance, attitude, member satisfaction scores, and successfully working until the release date indicated to you by PGI and Ibis.






To learn more about the club's playbook to success, see photos and videos of the club, please click on each of the links below:





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