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To those who are contemplating going up north "privately," we caution you to weigh your decision carefully.


Going for an apparent short-term gain and ignoring the long-term benefits that staying on the program provides may turn out to be short-sided.  

...and this is why:


First, between the in-country candidates and those hired from overseas by the employers who made the visa cap, there will be more H2Bs going up north than there are positions in FL. 


Second, most FL employers - including those in the PGI group - will be hiring a lot of H2Bs from out-of-country in October.   We will always have sufficient positions for our in-country group going to FL, but everything else will be allocated to the overseas group.  Other recruiters / agents will do the same. 


Third, most FL employers work with agents such as PGI.  There are very few independent employers in FL who are not affiliated with an agent. Like PGI, the other agents will not have many positions available for October for in-country "private" candidates., what does this mean for those going private?

Though you will have a job in the summer up north, coming down to FL in the fall will be infinitely more complicated.  There will be a lot of "private" candidates competing for the few jobs available with very few "independent" employers.  

Fewer "independent" employers means that they will fill their positions fast; once that happens, there will hadrly be any alternatives remaining for those who went private up north.  


If lucky to even find a job, the "private H2Bs" trying to go to FL will only find positions that are much less competitive than what PGI clients offer; and, by and large, PGI clients in FL are among the most competitive. conclude: worse jobs and very few available


We recognize your prerogative to look after your self-interest. Like you, we also have the prerogative to look after ourselves.


And if you should leave our program to go private, you will not be considered for future placements.


Note: going home is not considered going private

Nonetheless, if you think you will be better served by going private, we wish you good luck in your endeavors. We ask, however, that you communicate your decision to us so that we can replace you with someone who truly wishes to build a long-standing presence in our program

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