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Please read this note carefully and in its entirety


NO DEADLINE - No reply necessary

This notification wishes to discuss a few important issues pertaining to your extension for the summer season:




Your summer employers are already in the process of obtaining their necessary approvals from the Department of Labor. These approvals are necessary to accompany the petition with USCIS which will be filed on your behalf in order to secure your extension.


As you all know, we are currently collecting the documents needed from you in connection with your extension with USCIS.


Please be mindful of deadlines and continue to submit the items requested in a timely manner.




If you are here on a new visa (having entered the USA on or after October 2019) AND you intend to travel outside of the USA, then you must do so before April 1, 2020. Once the petition to extend your status has been filed, you can no longer leave the US; doing so will result in denial of your extension.


If you are currently on an extension, you should not leave the US; you will not be allowed to re-enter unless you first apply for a visa in your home country. But, because there are no more H2B visas available for the coming summer season, you will be stuck in your home country until October 2020.


Exceptions – if you are here on an extension, traveling to Puerto Rico, Mexico or Canada with your valid extension form I-94 form is possible. 


No matter your plans, please check in with us first before booking any trips that might take you outside of the US territory.




Please do not initiate any conversation with your current or your future employer about release/start dates or travel dates. It is way too early at this time.


If you are currently with a PGI employer in Florida, this communication will be handled by our office directly with your employer at the appropriate time. If you have just joined us this season from non-PGI clubs, we will contact you about this subject in the weeks ahead.


For now, please continue to follow our lead with regards to the extension process (and answer timely to any requests that you receive). Please also make sure you keep your current job (losing it means you will not be able to get an extension).


Most importantly, stay healthy.


As always, if you should have any questions please let us know by emailing us at

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