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This statement below represents our position vis-à-vis the ingredients needed for successful cooperation between us and our participants. 


As an H2B worker here in the US you have the prerogative to choose which job/employer is best for you. 


If you consider our program for the next season, there will be a lot of great opportunities (including supervisory positions) available. We have added excellent clubs to our growing group of clients, all of them offering better compensation packages (salary/housing/ bonuses) than our competition.


If you choose to return to your old non-PGI employer, you may not be accepted back in the program for the next summer season unless you first give us the opportunity to secure a better offer for you.


To remain in good standing with our program after the next season, and to be able to return to our program, you must comply with all of the following conditions:


  • You must participate in all interviews (skype or in-person) with our clients (no exception!)

  • You must inform us that you have a job offer BEFORE you accept it and not after you have accepted it.

  • You must provide us with a copy of the job offer from your FL employer

  • You must accept our offer IF IT IS THE BETTER OFFER


We want you to stay with our program, but only if our offer is better. For that, you must give us the opportunity to compete. You must agree that our approach is meant to help you increase your placement options and maximize your earning potential; it is fair, reasonable and a win-win for you, provided you follow all instructions above.


If you play this straight, even if you end up not taking our offer, you will be welcome back in our program after the upcoming season, or whenever you may wish to return to our program. Otherwise, you will be unable to rejoin our program in the future.

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