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Please read this note carefully and in its entirety



....  It's time to review the clubs interviewing during Job Fair #1

Knowing who your most and least favorite employers are will help us schedule you on the day of the interview. The link below will take you to the employers who have confirmed attendance to the Job Fair #1.



You have until Thursday, Dec 26 @ noon to do your homework and review all employers before ranking them.


Do your research; take notes on a piece of paper; this way you will be able to submit your ranking form with speed and efficiency.






On Thursday, Dec 26 at noon, the ranking form will go live on the alerts page (; you will also receive the link to the form via email.  






Each employer will have 34 interview slots; depending on how popular an employer is, these slots could fill out very quickly.


The speed with which you submit your ranking will determine the likelihood of getting to interview with your most favorite employers. The faster you are in submitting your form, the greater the chance of getting your top choices. So do not delay.


If you have any questions about any of the clubs, please email us.

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