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Please read this note carefully and in its entirety


NO DEADLINE - No reply necessary

This notification is about the coronavirus; please take a moment and read the text below as it very important.


The coronavirus is affecting travel inside and outside of the US. Many countries and states are taking action that may limit traveler mobility by implementing strict screening procedures in order to prevent the spread of the virus, including quarantines and border restrictions.




DO NOT leave Florida - Traveling within the US to areas that are considered "hot" may increase the chance of exposure to the virus. Out of an abundance of caution, your employer may insist that, upon your return, you self-quarantine for a number of days, which means you will not be able to work until you prove you are healthy.


DO NOT leave the US - Traveling overseas at this time is absolutely not recommended. Not only will you risk entering another country, but you could find yourself stuck in quarantine there until you prove that you are healthy and virus free. Additionally, coming back to the US might prove to be very difficult for you could be quarantined again. Also, do not forget that the ban on travel from Europe, which goes in effect on Friday, March 13 may extend to other countries.


DO NOT go on a cruise - Cruises have been proven to be unsafe. If you have booked a cruise during the month of March / early April, call the cruise line company and try to get either your money back or a credit toward future purchases.




You must be healthy to go up north. Do not expose yourself to unnecessary risk. If you get infected, it isn't just you who will be affected; it can be your friends, roommates, colleagues at work or members and guests.


You owe it to yourself and those around you to remain safe and healthy.

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